EasyCare sheep are not pedigree nor are they 'registered', nor do we have a flock book. The Original True EasyCare sheep have been bred over the last 50 + years by the late Iolo Owen at his farm on Anglesey. The Original True EasyCare sheep is one derived from his flock. That sheep is derived from mixing breeds and a lot of hard work.

Please be aware that anyone advertising the sale of 'registered' EasyCare sheep is incorrect as EasyCare's cannot be registered. They are not deemed to be pedigree and can and often do come from other base flocks therefore the old adage 'buyer beware' must stand.

The Society is not suggesting that ewes derived from graded up flocks are not EasyCares but it must be stressed, EasyCare sheep must shed their fleece readily in spring, they must be without horns, alert and bright eyed. They must have a dense, hair undercoat which contains lanolin. It is now usual for Society Members to tag their stock with tags embossed with 'EasyCare', an enforceable requirement at Society Sales.

Ensure when you are buying stock that they are sound in feet, mouth, udder and backsides are clean. Beware of stock with over or under shot jaws, bad feet, bandy legs, knock knees or filthy bums. This applies to all stock not just EasyCares. A good stockman/woman should be able to assess what is correct and reject any inferior animals.

Likewise, if you are selling EasyCare sheep have a care what you are selling and ensure it is good, sound stock which will do someone a job for many years and keep them returning for more or mentioning you to others in a good way.