Please note, you can ring up your preferredtag supplier and request that they supply you with tags with EASYCARE written on. There are no favoured suppliers of tags within the Society.

I use the Roxan Tag Faster tagger at home. The tags are small and lightweight but the manufacturers have managed to get Easy Care written on very clearly on both the yellow and coloured tag.

If you have cross bred sheep then buy a run of Easy Care printed tags and use them on the pure breds only. Obviously you will not be using the Easy Care tags on your cross bred sheep

If your manufacturer can only print a few letters on in the available space, say just 5 letters, then put EasyC, then we will still know they are Easy Cares. You should not be charged for this printing service. If you are, change supplier.

We are not suggesting the named tag use to be awkward. We, in the Society, feel that if you have Easy Care Sheep and like them enough to breed them then advertise that fact when you sell them and sell them with an Easy Care tag in their ears.

I hope this helps to clear up the tagging issue.

Louise Hobson, Secretary