29 Mar 2023

For Sale

Up to 50 EasyCare ewe hoggs

Born outside without any intervention from end April through May 2022.

We do not mollycoddle our sheep, they are genuine EasyCare sheep, they were born and live at 650ft to 900ft above sea level on un improved pasture in the South Pennines.

Bolused and jabbed with Cydectin 1%

Not given the opportunity to get in lamb but will be very fertile, good mothers.

They shed well, have got strong feet and are very hardy. They will make an ideal foundation flock. The rams used to father most of these ewes are a mix of double and single copy rams.

Our grades for the meat lambs are R3L and U3L with the average price being consistently over £100/head.

We as asking £120/head for these breeding ewe hoggs. We can achieve circa £117/head deadweight for them at the moment

Transport can be arranged within a 50 mile radius of Bingley

Seller: Louise Hobson

Location: Bingley, West Yorkshire

Contact Number: 01274 566925

Alternative Contact Number: 07931 756972

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Ewe hoggs three
Ewe hogg two 2023
Ewe hoggs Glovershaw 2023
Ewe hogg 2023
21 Mar 2023


10 Quality EasyCare Ewe hoggs Born March 2022

Average weight over 40kgs

Delivery Free up to 25 miles

£125.00 each

Seller: Richard and Colleen Rogers

Location: Devon

Contact Number: 01364 643309

Alternative Contact Number: 07791 036651

16 Mar 2023

For sale

100 dry EasyCare ewe hoggs.

Drenched and vaccinated, good feet and just starting to shed.

Will split.


Seller: John Lewis

Location: Hay-on-Wye area

Contact Number: 01497 851228

Alternative Contact Number: 07515 273392

15 Mar 2023

22 in lamb EasyCare ewe hoggs for sale.

They are a really nice bunch of in lamb ewe hoggs, they are a good size, in great body condition and all in lamb to a Cook family ram. They have been scanned with 18 singles and four doubles. They are due to start lambing on the 12th of April.

They are electric fence trained, good shedders. and located in North Buckinghamshire


Seller: James King

Location: Buckingham, Bucks

Contact Number: 07710 364368

Alternative Contact Number: 01296 738853