27 Sep 2023

Too good to eat!


135 EasyCare ewe lambs

Born April ’23, all births unassisted.

All good for the tup.

Closed flock from within a solar farm.

Ovivac system (p-plus x2),

Entirely grassfed.

Weaned August.

Viewing welcome.

Can arrange delivery.

Seller: Simon Smith

Location: Wantage

Contact Number: 07825 703525

Alternative Contact Number: 07968 139596

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Smith one
26 Sep 2023

EasyCare sheep for sale in Ireland - males and females

4 EasyCare yearlings for sale £180 ono

Selection of EasyCare ewe lambs for sale born April, £125 ono

Selection of EasyCare ram lambs for sale, £400 ono.

4 year old EasyCare ram for sale £350 ono.

Seller: Gerard McCullagh

Location: Co Tyrone, Ireland

Contact Number: 07796 968629

Alternative Contact Number: gerardmccullagh2017@hotmail.com

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23 Sep 2023

Performance-recorded EasyCare tups for sale

Good selection of yearlings available.

Fully recorded with Signet, selected for performance and functionality.

Some double myostatin/carriers. Commercially run.

Get in touch for list of prices and EBVs.

All enquiries welcome

Seller: Barry Sangster

Location: Pilmuir Farm, Coldingham, Eyemouth, Berwickshire TD14 5QE

Contact Number: 07794 276 724

Alternative Contact Number: 01890 771 926

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20 Sep 2023


Approximately 45 mixed aged ewes

Correct in teeth and bag

From the same home as the large bunch in the Worcester sale - sold average £95/head

They need some good grass to take them forward ready for the tupping season

Still plenty of life in them

Genuine reason for sale


Seller: Richard Tinsley

Location: Stamford, Lincolnshire

Contact Number: 07966528566

20 Sep 2023


6 EasyCare Yearling Rams

Born and bred at 1400ft.
Powys/Shropshire border.

Sensible priced.

Seller: Vince and Thomas Corbett

Location: Powys/Shropshire border

Contact Number: 07790147862

Alternative Contact Number: 07890402531

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20 Sep 2023

For Sale

25 EasyCare Yearling Ewes born April 2022 - £170

40 EasyCare Ewe Lambs born April 2023 - £110

4 EasyCare Ram Lambs born April 2023 POA

All born and bred at 1000ft

Seller: Andrew & Dawn Heyes

Location: Hamsterley, Co. Durham

Contact Number: 07990 527559

Alternative Contact Number: 01388 488983

20 Sep 2023


EasyCare Yearling Ram.

Good strong body, clean shedder, on Heptavac P system.

Last one available.

Grass reared.


Seller: Ashlea and Livia Kirk

Location: Ilminster, Somerset

Contact Number: 07903132335

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Livia one
18 Sep 2023

Signet Recorded EasyCare Rams for sale

We have a selection of yearling rams for sale from our Signet recorded flock.

All grass fed on an upland farm in West Wales, bred for functionality and clean shedding.

All with top end performance figures.

Price £400-500

Seller: Gethin Jones

Location: Hoelfeinog Pontsian Llandysul Ceredigion SA44 4UB

Contact Number: 07854 890585

Alternative Contact Number: 01545 590223

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Gethin Jones two 2023
Gethin Jones one 2023
18 Sep 2023

For Sale

50 strong, well bred yearling EasyCare ewes from a long standing, well respected EasyCare Sheep Society member.

They have not reared a lamb as hoggs but are ready to work this autumn.


Please ring for more information and to view.

Seller: Mrs Prosser

Location: Milton Keynes, Bucks

Contact Number: 01296 720224

18 Sep 2023

300 Well bred Yearling Ewes for sale

Born May 2022 and reared entirely on grass

On Heptavac P System

Viewing Welcome

Will split into smaller groups

Seller: Les Morris

Location: Newport, Isle of Wight

Contact Number: 07968 308363

Alternative Contact Number: 01983 821418

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13 Sep 2023

For Sale

15 ewe lambs from an EasyCare flock Est 2002

Signet recorded

SRUC MV and Johnes monitored.

The flock is on an all grass system in the wet West of Scotland.

These will be great, hardy mothers.

Seller: George King

Location: West Scotland, Glasgow area

Contact Number: 07867 380219

Alternative Contact Number: 01505 850264

11 Sep 2023


We have a selection of aged and yearling rams for sale

From a long established EasyCare flock

All twin born and naturally reared on high ground/moorland in North Yorkshire

They are all in the Heptavac system

Seller: John Garnett

Location: Skipton, North Yorkshire

Contact Number: 01756 710615

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Garnett one
29 Aug 2023

EasyCare sheep for sale

34 ewe-lambs, £120 each

Some draft ewes available too.

Rams and ram lambs available £200 - £450

Good shedding flock, on Ovivac P Plus system.

Seller: Giles Cowley

Location: St Clears, Carmarthenshire

Contact Number: 01994 484548 evenings only please

29 Aug 2023

Naturally reared EasyCare yearling rams for sale.

Selected from upland 1200 ewe flock.

Price £400-£800

Seller: Michael Clarke

Location: Near Blairgowrie, Perthshire

Contact Number: 07887 571468

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Clarke 2023 three
Clarke 2023 two
Clarke 2023
27 Aug 2023

For sale

100 EasyCare yearling ewes

150 EasyCare gimmer lambs

All well bred, out door lambed in April.

All reared entirely on grass at 800ft.

All good strong sheep, they will do an excellent job for their new home


Seller: James Waddington

Location: Settle area, North Yorkshire

Contact Number: 07885 366772

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