The Easy Care Sheep is a fleece shedding, medium sized, white, polled sheep capable of lambing without assistance and rearing their lambs off grass. The sheep is a commercial breed. Easy Care Sheep cannot be entered into shows as the breed founder, Iolo Owen, feels that the sole object of showing is to emphasise traits that may ruin the easy lambing aspects of the breed he has spent half a Century developing.

The true Easy Care Sheep must not be appear to be over fed, over-sized or crossed with terminal type sires to enhance unwanted characteristics, these being broad chests, big heads, big back ends, poor feet or none fleece shedding coat – this list is not exhaustive and the Society reserves the right to remove any sheep they believe do not conform to the true Easy Care Sheep breeding from Society Sales.

Where Easy Care Sheep are being sold privately via either members or non-members, it is for the purchaser to make sure they are confident they are purchasing a true Easy Care Sheep.

What the Society does:

We promote the true Easy Care Sheep breed as developed by Mr Iolo Owen of Glantraeth, Bodorgan, Anglesey via the means of:

Society Sales

Newspaper adverts

Newspaper articles

Stands at National Sheep Association events

A website

A Facebook Page


Society Open Days

We ensure the breed is represented correctly at Society Breed sales.

For clarification:

The Easy Care Sheep must not have been sheared

The Easy Care Sheep fleece must shed to leave a hair coat through the summer months

The Easy Care Sheep must be hornless

The Easy Care Sheep is white in colour

The Easy Care Sheep female is 60 – 70 kg at mature weight depending on where it lives

The Easy Care Sheep male is 80 – 100kg at mature weight depending on where it lives

The male should be wedged shaped at the shoulders to ensure ease of lambing

The Easy Care Sheep should have a slim ‘rat tail’ type tail

It is preferable that breeders keep the Easy Care Sheep’s tail intact but not essential

Legs must be strong and straight and feet must be sound

The Easy Care Sheep is a commercial breed we do not ‘show’ Easy Care Sheep

We provide a website as a platform for fully paid up members to sell their sheep from and to inform the public about the breed. The website has the details of upcoming events and is always being updated

We have annual open days and provide the means of allowing breeders to have more on farm events if they wish to

We provide voluntary regional co-ordinators to discuss the merits of the breed to prospective buyers

The Treasurer collects £25 annual subscription/member which helps to pay for the promotion of the breed

All office holders are volunteers

We have a steering committee which meets once a year to discuss the way forward for the breed. Any member is welcome to join. There is no payment for this commitment

A quarterly newsletter is sent to all fully paid up members via email