Rams & ewes - Society Sale Protocol

We ask that breeders check their rams prior to selling. Do a check of the testicles, make sure the rams are good with their mobility etc as we will pull out anything we feel is not to breed standard [see the Breed Standard on the website] or is suspect in mouth, legs, feet, or testicles.

With regards to a fertility test we have reserved judgement on this as to be honest it simply states on the day it was tested it was fertile but from the sale in September to the rams going out at the beginning of November onwards anything can happen to them which is beyond the Society's control. Therefore, it is prudent to either put extra rams out or take up insurance.

Ewes must be sound in the udder, legs, and mouth. They must have fully shed their fleece without assistance. They must be clear eyed and free of any injury or lameness.

All rams and ewes presented for sale must be tagged with double tags bearing the word EasyCare or EC on their tags.

If you are MV accredited you will need to provide the paperwork beforehand to the auction mart and they will provide separate accommodation. All MV accredited stock is sold first into a clean ring. The Society does not currently require all stock to be MV accredited. Most, if not all markets ask that stock is dipped or jabbed for scab. Withdrawal dates must be noted and stated on the entry form.

With regards other health checks, if the vendor has carried out certain procedures e.g. Heptovac, worming etc we ask that this is made known prior to the sale so it can be put in the particulars. If blood tests have been taken to establish a ram's myostatin status or scrapie status, again the reports for these tests must be shown to the market and the information presented in the particulars. We also recommend you laminate copies of the test results and put them on the selling pen as it makes it clear to prospective purchasers what they are buying. Provide the results to the purchaser after the sale so they have the results for their own records.

Any further health checks are entirely at the vendors discretion we would simply say that it is good farming practice to isolate newly purchased stock for a period to assess their health.

If the seller has in mind to make their stock available for export, they must be MV accredited, must have an up-to-date Brucella test and possibly more legislation could be in force by the time the September sales arrive so a visit to the Animal and Plant Health website is always a good idea.

As a Society we can only make a judgement based on what we see on the day. We make it clear to everyone to present strong, healthy stock in the best condition they can but without overlooking the fact that we are a commercial breed and purchasers don't expect rams to have been stoked full of food or preened and polished.

We do not issue pedigree certificates.

Finally, you must be a fully paid-up member to enter the Society Sales. Membership is £25 per annum.