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Daily post article - Barony College

Daily post article - Barony CollegeA flock of Easy Care sheep have been sold - because they lived up to their breed name. Barony College, Dumfries, decided their sheep were "just too easy to care for". As it specialises in animal care training, the college farm - part of Scotland's Rural College - wanted a breed that was more challenging for its students. Iolo Owen, secretary of the Easy Care Sheep society, said it was a triumph for a low maintenance breed he developed on Anglesey in the 1960s. He said: "Because the sheep shed their winter coats and do not need assistance at lambing, Barony's livestock manager said they were nit suitable for a college farm". "Last year the college flock scanned at 197% and weaned at 186%. None needed lambing assistance. Commercially they were a brilliant success, but they gave the students no experience at shearing or lambing. "They were just too easy to care for!" The society has five breed sales this autumn, with one at Gaerwen on September 15.