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Spring 2014 Newsletter

Spring 2014 Newsletter

If I was down hearted this time last year, and I was, then this year has restored my faith in nature.  Lambing has been a doddle with a very good crop of healthy lambs prancing about.  Every year I intend to count how many dead ones I pick up but never do, however, it is very minimal with only once a day shepherding. 

 The ewe lambs which are still lambing give me a lot more work and I’m not totally convinced that I should breed from them the first year.  Balance the extra crop against the work, better grazing for the pregnant ones and the limitation on their growth and I wouldn’t think there is much in it.

 When you consider all the ailments that effect your flock you sometimes think is it only you who is plagued by all these and do others get quite as many problems. Recently I read a good article about ‘watery mouth’ it occurred to me that although I have heard a lot about it over the years I can’t recall ever having it in my flock.  At last here is something that only other people have.  As I read on it soon became obvious why, it seems that is caused by a bacteria which is picked up by new born lambs through sucking soiled wool around the teat.  With hair sheep this doesn’t happen, yet another plus for the Easy Care!

 About half a dozen of our members have formed a ‘sheep maternal recording’ group.  Anyone interested on joining please contact me.  We hope to have time at the open day to discuss this further.

 Talking about the annual open day, I make no apologies for repeating the notice in the last newsletter.  It is at Abbey St Bathans, Duns, Scottish Borders TD11 3TX on Thursday June 6.  After meeting at the village hall at 10am we tour Charley and Andrea Walker’s farm to see 1,000 Easy Care organic flock and 65 Welsh Black cows.  After lunch we visit their neighbours Duncan & Laura Shell who have 2,000 Easy Care ewes and 150 Angus Cows also in the organic system.  Both farms are well worth seeing.  There will be our annual dinner in the evening at our Hotel, The Marshall Meadows country house TD15 1UT (01289331133) at Berwick on Tweed.  Please come, you’ll enjoy it.


Our calendar for the summer is:-

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Scot Sheep Scot Border      4th June                                                  Thirsk                                     13th September    

Open Day Scot Border       6th June                                                  Gaerwen, Anglesey              15th September

South Sheep Sussex            28th June                                                                Exeter                                    26th September

NSA Malvern                       30th July                                                 Worcester                              27th September

                                                                                                                Carlisle                                   2nd October